Ranger and Lion


Hot and Spicy

Enjoying Solitude

Indy 2


Decision Tree vs. Arch-Enemy Winter

Arch-Enemy Winter 3

Snakes on a Plane

Arch-Enemy Winter 2

Arch-Enemy Winter


You Got Light in the Head!


5500 Kelvin

The Rider of the Apocalypse and the Return of the Penguins

Never Again 2

The Pudding Thief 2

The Pudding Thief

Never Again

Everything Changes Tomorrow

We are not Tyler Durden

Suit and Vanity

The Soft Handshake

Fishing off West Africa

Second Trick

Going SPA-ringly

Lion Reintroduction 2

Lion Reintroduction


A Guest Comic by Mysterious “Nurse J. D.”

Public Viewing

Transit of Venus

After Community Service

Community Service

Mothers’ Wrath

Sloth Reintroduction 3

Sloth Reintroduction 2

Sloth Reintroduction




Clock Change

Summer Tires 2

Summer Tires

Home Office

Spring is in the Air

Ranger’s Flirting Tips: Chances


The LHC and the Last Big Riddles

Going by Public Transport Sucks!

Ranger the Funmonk

The Dropout

Ping Pong Show

Long-Distance Flight

Cleverly Saved the Ski Pass Money!

Crisis! The End is Near!!

Unique Selling Proposition

The Time has Come! A.S.A.P.!

Lion King 3D

The Best Movie Title of all Times

11.11.’11, 11:11 – 100 Comics

No Happy Halloween with Pinguins

Simple Living

Cuckoo Terror

Subway Chaos Belongs to Oktoberfest

The Neverending Story

Playin Truant with Smallpox

Aurora Bajuwaris

A Guest Comic by Ranger’s Creatively Gifted Sister

Ranger's Flirting Tips: In the Mall

Job’s New Job

Corvus Sapiens

Rangers Rating Trick

Rangers Flirting Tips: At the Zoo

The Shore Leave of the Sharks

Landlubbers at Sea

The Affinity with Nature of GOA Trance

To the GOARE Festival!

The Dark Secret of the Canoe Wurz’n

Ranger’s Manners: Inviting Guests Correctly

Kino.to Raid? Simply Talk Yourself out Cleverly!

Tax Declaration


The Mountains are Calling!

After 835 Days in a Better World

A Lion and a Tiger Meet at the Psychiatrist …

Opportunities in the Service Sector: Tourette Instead of Netiquette!

MGM vs. DreamWorks

The Crowning Rock Bottom of the Weak-Wordplay-Weeks

Burnout Syndrome

We wouldn’t be Stressed Out!

Ranger at the Doc

La Bohème

In the Watch Shop


Braille: Valuable Messages in Everyday Life

Rise of the Gorillas


Wutbürger >:(

Ranger and the Hipster Individualism

Anti Aggression Driving Safety Assistant Now Statutory Provision!


Brand Fetishist

Overslept (2): Never Change an Efficient Alarm Bell Tone!

Paranormal Activities

Guerilla Marketing

Ranger Solves the “Global Footprint” Problem

The Simple-Mindedness of Isaac Asimov

DJ Ranger

Innovations—Thanks to Goat Doping

The Sarrazin Train has Left!

Factory Tour in Hungary

Whose Fault is it When You Have to Improvise the Comic?

Vatican Scandal


Graphic Tablet


Báck Fróm lé Franzé

Rangers 30th Birthday

You are not Matto Barfuss

More Direct Democracy!

10 Years! Your Ranger / Lion is Finally Bavariated!

The Best for the Rest?

2065 – Back Then Everything was Better

Summer Fairy-Tale … As if!—World Cup in Africa



A Guest Comic by the Wise Giraffe

Greek Saving

Eja… Eya… Eiyjayavfyjallyjaajöl… Island Mountain Glacier!

International Breakfast

The Bruce Wayne Lambo

Fish Bumper Sticker

A Guest Comic by the Rhinoceros

Falconer Ranger

Ranger’s First Day of Kindergarten *

Power Giants

Got a Monkey on my Back

The Lord of the Rings – The Short Trip of the Ring

Sushi Decadence

The Informant



Web 2.0


Merry Christmas

Nitro Snowboard*


Talking Lions

Murphy’s Law vs. Grzimek’s Law

You are not Hugh Laurie

Learning With Ranger: Cinematic Dramaturgy, Rule #1

Objects on the Road

Zombie Apocalypse

Vegetarian Fascists

Facebook Personality Test


A Guest Comic: Raccoon’s First Day of School

Super Election Year 2009

Global Zero

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